Tour du monde à moto
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Le Voyage



Traverser la planète à moto, prouver que souvent les rêves qui semblent impossibles... Ne le sont pas.


Début: 22-Dec-2003 , Buenos Aires, Argentine
Arrivée: 18-Avr-2009, Buenos Aires, Argentine

Le voyage en chiffres

 Pays 40
 Durée du voyage 64 mois (5.4 ans)
 Kilomètres 86.900 km
 Essence 3.608 lts
 Pneus 13
 Vidange de l'huile 57
 Navires/Ferries/Bateaux 42

Gustavo's story


"Ahh!, how great to have time and money!!", is one of the phrases we hear often when getting to know a person during the trip. "If I had the time you have...., I'd also do it...", they often add.

In 2003, while I was studying and working in Buenos Aires, I would have said the same. How does one dispose of sufficient time and money to cross the world on a motorcycle? It seems impossible!

But the inspiration came with one of these coincidences of life. Everything began with a relatively short trip to Río de Janeiro, in my winter break from university. "I need a few days of peace", I thought.

The motorcycle that I had at the time, a Honda Transalp 600cc, was not in the shape to go on the road. The piston bolt was banging and the water cooked even going slowly. I needed a lot of money to get her into optimal condition.

I searched for a quick solution: five days before the fixed departure date I bought a small 125cc motorcycle, used, but in good condition. With a bit of luck she would not hold me up with any mechanical problems. I equipped her with simple leather saddlebags, a windshield and the rest of the things tied on wherever possible. She was ready one day early: the 22nd of December 2003.

"In 20 days I'll come back!", I told my parents. "I'm taking the microbiology books along so I can take the exam when I come back!", I was half through my studies of veterinary medicine and was working as a computer administrator.

"How far will I get with this small motorcycle? Will it be able to bear the road? Will I break down just around the corner?", I thought as I turned onto the highway for the first time. I will always remember that sensation, driving further and further away from home on two wheels, with so much uncertainty, so many doubts, so much fear...

Some weeks later, in Brazil:

"This is the moment to fulfill my dream...", I told my family on the phone. "I have just enough money to come back home, but I know that if I do, it is very probable that the adequate moment to leave again will never come. I do not know how I will do it, I don't have a big motorcycle, nor adequate cases, clothing, equipment, GPS, visas or money, but I will go to Australia, on this motorcycle!"

And that was how everything began. Simply believing that everything is possible if you wish for it strongly enough, and try tirelessly.

Elke's story


"First, second, third, accelerate to 50.... and... BRAKE!!" My first driving lesson on a real motorcycle, in the industrial zone of Barcelona. I'm sitting on La Garota, behind me Gustavo, shouting instructions at me. I can't leave the industrial zone before passing the "hand exam": every couple of seconds Gustavo puts up his hand and I have to confirm seeing it in the rear-view mirror within five seconds.

"Don't you ever check the rear-view mirror when you're driving a car?" Gustavo barks. Sure I do, but in a car you don't have to think about a zillion things at once. It takes me all morning to coordinate my two hands and two feet. I start to panic. Only five more days.

A few days ago I had decided to join Gustavo on the rest of his world trip. In a state of euphoria, we'd written mails to a couple of possible sponsors to ask if they'd be interested in sponsoring a motorcycle for me. Even though it seemed entirely impossible… a few days later the phone rang and Giovanni Celli asked: "Which colour would you prefer?" I couldn't believe my ears. I had my own motorcycle.

Gustavo was invited to a rally on Mallorca five days later. I decided to end my PhD studies at the University of Barcelona here and now and to start my voyage. I would not waste more precious time.

Nobody was supposed to notice anything. This was my secret, my grand plan. I didn't want to hear any questions, any doubts, worries, well-meant advice. I did not even want to start thinking about my decision, fearing I might change my mind. My intuition said my train had arrived and it was up to me now to jump on it, even if this jump scared the hell out of me.

We had exactly five days left to construct the aluminium boxes for "Milton" (this was the name I had chosen for my future companion), attach them, pack everything… every evening I practised riding a bit. Everything had to happen secretly – we hid the aluminium boxes, the second pair of motorcycle boots... the countdown had started. Five days and everybody would know. I was looking forward to that day, to end the secrecy, but I also knew that there would be no way back. Over and done with the monthly scholarship, the warm bed, the evenings with old friends… but also over and done with the daily torment of the alarm clock and the long hours at the department, a place where I had long ago ceased to feel at home.

Of course I still have to work. Even though people always ask in astonishment: "What do YOU work?" As if money would fall from the sky now. But now I work on the road. Internet is the best invention since sliced bread.

Everything in life is a question of decisions you make and preferences you set. Many prefer a well-ordered life with all advantages and disadvantages like an apartment, regular income and reduced free time. We prefer a life on the road, with all the unique experiences, all the uncertainties and difficulties it includes. This is our choice.

Carte de: Monde
World World World
Amérique du Sud
Drapeau Argentine Argentine, 22-Dec-2003
3 Jours, 1.438 km
Drapeau Brésil Brésil, 25-Dec-2003
230 Jours, 19.462 km
Drapeau Venezuela Venezuela, 11-Aou-2004
61 Jours, 4.853 km
Drapeau Colombie Colombie, 11-Oct-2004
39 Jours, 1.113 km
Amérique Centrale
Drapeau Panama Panama, 19-Nov-2004
93 Jours, 4.781 km
Drapeau Costa Rica Costa Rica, 20-Fev-2005
25 Jours, 2.333 km
Drapeau Nicaragua Nicaragua, 17-Mars-2005
6 Jours, 624 km
Drapeau Honduras Honduras, 23-Mars-2005
1 Jours, 186 km
Drapeau El Salvador El Salvador, 24-Mars-2005
7 Jours, 355 km
Drapeau Guatemala Guatemala, 31-Mars-2005
42 Jours, 2.150 km
Drapeau Belize Belize, 12-Mai-2005
1 Jours, 505 km
Amérique du Nord
Drapeau Mexique Mexique, 13-Mai-2005
138 Jours, 5.771 km
Drapeau Espagne Espagne, 28-Sept-2005
282 Jours, 12.602 km
Drapeau Portugal Portugal, 16-Dec-2005
19 Jours, 1.757 km
Drapeau Andorre Andorre, 23-Juil-2006
1 Jours, 70 km
Drapeau France France, 22-Juil-2006
55 Jours, 3.020 km
Drapeau Belgique Belgique, 08-Sept-2006
5 Jours, 788 km
Drapeau Luxembourg Luxembourg, 10-Sept-2006
2 Jours, 155 km
Drapeau Pays-Bas Pays-Bas, 27-Sept-2006
7 Jours, 720 km
Drapeau Danemark Danemark, 08-Oct-2006
4 Jours, 1.020 km
Drapeau Allemagne Allemagne, 04-Oct-2006
291 Jours, 4.064 km
Drapeau Pologne Pologne, 26-Juil-2007
267 Jours, 2.746 km
Drapeau Rép. tchèque Rép. tchèque, 18-Avr-2008
1 Jours, 359 km
Drapeau Autriche Autriche, 19-Avr-2008
5 Jours, 255 km
Drapeau Slovaquie Slovaquie, 24-Avr-2008
1 Jours, 101 km
Drapeau Hongrie Hongrie, 25-Avr-2008
3 Jours, 523 km
Drapeau Slovénie Slovénie, 28-Avr-2008
1 Jours, 96 km
Drapeau Croatie Croatie, 28-Avr-2008
1 Jours, 863 km
Drapeau Bosnie-Herzégovine Bosnie-Herzégovine, 04-Mai-2008
1 Jours, 20 km
Drapeau Monténégro Monténégro, 06-Mai-2008
3 Jours, 373 km
Drapeau Serbie Serbie, 09-Mai-2008
1 Jours, 24 km
Drapeau Kosovo Kosovo, 09-Mai-2008
1 Jours, 158 km
Drapeau Macédoine Macédoine, 10-Mai-2008
2 Jours, 213 km
Drapeau Grèce Grèce, 12-Mai-2008
16 Jours, 808 km
Drapeau Turquie Turquie, 28-Mai-2008
42 Jours, 2.962 km
Drapeau Iran Iran, 09-Juil-2008
20 Jours, 1.304 km
Drapeau Inde Inde, 29-Juil-2008
60 Jours, 1.843 km
Drapeau Népal Népal, 27-Sept-2008
17 Jours, 831 km
Drapeau Australie Australie, 18-Oct-2008
102 Jours, 2.477 km
Amérique du Sud
Drapeau Brésil Brésil, 28-Jan-2009
73 Jours, 2.168 km
Drapeau Argentine Argentine, 11-Avr-2009
7 Jours, 1.009 km

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