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Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle
From the colours of the bricks you can see the reconstruction after every war- Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle
After the second World War - Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle today.
Taking refuge in the house of Alicja and Andrzej in Mirowo.
"So why do we have to take this crappy road if there is a highway right next to us?!? My buttocks hurt..."
We were planning to reach Solec Kujawski crossing these woods, but somwhere on the way we got lost.
Arriving in Osie.
Looking for a place to sleep.
The colours of autumn.
Grzegorz's and Agata's family in Solec Kujawski.
All Saints' Day in Poland is spectacular. No grave is left without being decorated with a candle.
It's quite a sight visiting the Polish cemetaries on All Saints' Day. Millions of candles glow that day, and for a couple of days after that as well.
Nicolas Copernicus us one of the prides of the Polish. He was born in Torun.
The river Wisla passes through Torun.
Contrast of two time periods in Warsaw. On the right: the Palace of Culture and Science, a Stalin building.
A service carried out by Yamaha Motor Poland.
Magda, a good-looking journalist in Yamaha Motor Poland.
"La Garota" is the star in Yamaha Motor Poland.
For tvn Turbo.
Walking through Warsaw (Warszawa)
Palace of Culture and Science.
Gustaw Cieslar (yes! Gustaw Cieslar!) offered us his help in all of Poland. He and his fabulous family became great friends of ours.
Gustaw Cieslar, president of the Baptist Union in Poland.
A palm tree in Warsaw?!? Yes... but it's made of plastic...
We get to understand the activities of the "Ministerio Finansów" of Poland...
In the truck, we feel just the tiniest bit of cold...
More proof of the pleasant temperature inside of the truck.
The Baptist Theological Seminar of Warsaw, where we stayed a few days invited by its ex-rector, Gustaw Cieslar.
"Let's see if the lense is clean..." Click!
Spending the night at a gas station.
We enter the snow-covered zone of the south.
Going south.
The road to Cracow.
The road to Cracow.
The road to Cracow.
We're riding in the snow for the first time in our lives!!
Fascinated by the snow.
Cracow (Kraków)
Cracow (Kraków)
Market place in Cracow.
Cracow (Kraków)
Castle of Cracow.
Castle of Cracow.
Cracow (Kraków)
A not very encouraging climate to ride around on a motorcycle.
"It seems we had few setbacks in our planning..."
"Now where did I leave the motorcycle?"
Many people tell us: "You came in the worst time to travel Poland!". Maybe you can tell we don't think so. We wouldn't have wanted to miss this adventure.
At least here they warn you... (In Spanish, "Roban" means "they steal")
Castle of Cracow.
The old salt mine of Wieliczka is more than 320 metres deep and has more than 300 km of tunnels. Its main attraction are the sculptures carved into the salt.
A complete chapel carved into the salt, in the salt mine of Wieliczka.
Salt mine of Wieliczka.
Salt mine of Wieliczka.
Sitting in a "milk bar" with our close friend Mac, whose is circumnavigating the surface of the earth. He's a true adventurer and an amazing person. Check out his adventure at
Basilica of Cracow. Every hour, a trumpet player starts to play a melody from one of its towers, and abruptly stops in the middle, in memory of the trumpet player that was assasinated while he was announcing a mongol attack with his instrument.
Market place, Cracow.

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