Round the world motorcycle tour
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Motorcycle travel around the world - Motorcycle world trip, (2003-2009), on two Yamaha YBR, experiencing lots of adventures through five continents.

Travel 40 countries, 5 continents, 5.4 years and experience thousands of adventures to unite on a motorcycle two opposite poles of the planet: Argentina and Australia. An adventure without precedents on two 125cc motorcycles.

Start: 22nd of December 2003
Arrival: 18th of April, 2009

This voyage is a dream coming true. Around the world on a motorcycle. A dream that seems impossible at first, since we do not have sponsors giving us money, nor savings accounts, nor big machines, but two very small motorcycles (125cc) carrying us along. But travelling has taught us one thing: There is always a way, you always make it some way or other.

64 months have passed on the road already, fighting against all odds. We maintain these internet pages in order to share our dream with all of those who also have a dream, be it be travelling or anything else. We want you to participate in our journey and to see that it is possible to fulfil your dream, if you just believe and persevere. In this we believe, very strongly, every day.

We're home!!

Yesterday (Saturday the 18th of April) was the last and the best day of the voyage, thanks to all of the love we received from the countless friends that came to meet us in Zarate, at the Obelisc and later on accompanied us in a huge motorcycle caravan to my parents\' house. We had not expected such a warm welcome! It was a fantastic celebration which we shared with family, old and new friends. A very special thank-you to Aguilas Argentinas, the YBR Club and to Barra Motera for the excellent organization and the great amount of love and affection.

A very big hug,

Gustavo & Elke

Videos de la llegada: Parte 1 y Parte 2

Crónica TV:


Latest News

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The DVD goes a long way

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New challenge!

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New pictures uploaded

I've just uploaded the photo gallery of India. Soon, I'll upload the photos from the remaining countries: Nepal, Australia and the return home through Brazil and Argentina. I'll also upload ... (continue...)
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Final message, to all of us

Flag Brazil

Setting off for home

Flag Australia

We maaaaade it!!!

We are in:

World map
Argentina Flag

see report...
Map of: Argentina

Random pictures

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Czech Rep.
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Costa Rica
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El Salvador
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A world that fills with friends

Dedicated to all of you, you make this life more beautiful.
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World map Asia Medio Oriente Europa America del Norte America Central America del Sur Africa Oceania

The map will fill up with friends as the voyage continues. Only a small percentage of the wonderful people we got to know appear here. If you can´t find your photo on the map, send it to email. Here we also publish the pictures of those who support us at a distance in some way or other.

YOU are the people who make this voyage unforgettable. You will always be in our hearts...

Last countries travelled

Map of: India
Map of: Nepal
Map of: Australia
Map of: Brazil

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