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Kopytka! They taste a lot better than they look.

Kopytka! They taste a lot better than they look.
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by Slawek - Szczecin/Manchester - United Kingdom - 01-Jan-2012, 11:41:47 AM

Tak to są \"leniwe\". Tyle ich zjadłem, że nie mogę się mylić:).
Shame on you Monika from Elblag:).

by Gosia - Wrocława - Poland - 16-Jan-2009, 11:48:48 AM

a mnei zdaje się, że to leniwe:):) i też pyszne:)

by Gustavo - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 03-Feb-2008, 09:55:22 PM

Thanks Monika for the correction ;)
I don't know how we could confuse them with pierogis, which we eat almost every day :)

by Monika - Elbląg - Poland - 03-Feb-2008, 09:29:15 PM

Pierogi?? No... kopytka:)

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